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Second update

2011. február 15.

Second graders have been very busy learning lots of new things. They have learnt to write paragraphs and in grammar they have learnt about the Subject, the Predicate and verbs.

They are reading Earthquake In the Early Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. Jack and Annie venture into the Great San Francisco earthquake in 1906. So they have been learning about how earthquakes happen and what damage they can do. They are writing a poem about the event. They have also written stories about being in the earthquake with Jack and Annie…very immaginative stories emerged.
It has been a fun time in Second grade…they are an amazing group!!!

dsc_1833.jpg dsc_1834.jpg dsc_1835.jpg dsc_2142.jpg dsc_2143.jpg dsc_2144.jpg dsc_2145.jpg dsc_2146.jpg dsc_2292.jpg dsc_2293.jpg dsc_2294.jpg dsc_2295.jpg

by Dr. Radut.