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Second update

2011. február 15.

First grade has been very busy. They have began learning Grammar and now understand what nouns are and that there are plural nouns and proper nouns too. In phonics they have been learning long vowel sounds and the spelling words have also been long vowel sounds.

They have continued to work on their sentences remembering that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.
They are enjoying The Knight At Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne. They are reading the adventure of Jack and Annie in the Middle Ages. They are also learning about life in the Middle Ages. I think that everyone would like to own their own castle, complete with a moat!!!!!!!!!! They are looking at the types of music and instruments that were used in that time. They are also writing a class poem about Jack and Annie and the Knight.
First grade is so much fun and so many new things are learnt….First graders are AWESOME!

dsc_2170.jpg dsc_2171.jpg dsc_2172.jpg dsc_2173.jpg dsc_2174.jpg dsc_2175.jpg dsc_2176.jpg dsc_2178.jpg dsc_2179.jpg kép első.jpg

by Dr. Radut.