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Great fun and learning!

2011. február 11.

                Spelling is challenging as we learn words from Geography, Science, Math, History and Business, however these obsticles were defeated. We moved from prefixes to suffixes: ial, ious, al, ally, ic, ically, ly, able and ible.

Mike Lupica: Million-dollar throw, is our reading assignment, very interesting and gives us an opportunity to expand our vocabulary, practice essay writing and just read out loud.
We celebrated International Food Day by cooking pancakes, which was a big success and the pancakes were delicious. Please try them at home, it is a great breakfast treat.

RONI MOSHAVI blind essay.jpg BOJTOR ADAM blind essay.jpg DAVID SIMON blind essay.jpg dsc_2151.jpg dsc_2152.jpg dsc_2153.jpg dsc_2154.jpg dsc_2155.jpg dsc_2156.jpg dsc_2157.jpg dsc_2158.jpg dsc_2159.jpg dsc_2160.jpg dsc_2161.jpg GÁBOR ANDRAS blind essay.jpg

by Dr. Radut.