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2011. február 09.

Our students enjoy tradition, stories from the Tanach. The PPT presentations are a great way to sum up what we learnt and to show their creativity.

The holidays are also a great opportunity to feel happy, and see traditional ways to celebrate.

aDia1.JPG aDia2.JPG aDia3.JPG aDia4.JPG aDia5.JPG aDia6.JPG bDia1.JPG bDia2.JPG bDia3.JPG bDia4.JPG bDia5.JPG cDia1.JPG cDia2.JPG cDia3.JPG cDia4.JPG cDia5.JPG cDia6.JPG cDia7.JPG cDia8.JPG cDia9.JPG dDia1.JPG dDia2.JPG dDia3.JPG dDia4.JPG dDia5.JPG dDia6.JPG dDia7.JPG dDia8.JPG dDia9.JPG

by Dr. Radut.