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The fun and learning continues...

2011. február 08.


It is all fun and games…
As the year progresses the children are developing their fine motor skills. Cutting , gluing, folding and coloring are tasks that require our attention. The kids enjoy these projects and the end results tell us how much work and love goes into a creation.
The last part of the year we will focus on details, and painting. Great job 1st grade!

Fényk56..JPG Fényk57..JPG Fénykép00...JPG Fénykép13.JPG Fénykép22...JPG Fénykép23..JPG Fénykép68..JPG pear1.jpg pear2.jpg pear3.jpg pear4.jpg pear5.jpg pear7.jpg pear 6.JPG tubishvat.jpg winter1.jpg winter2.jpg winter3.jpg winter4.jpg big tree.JPG dsc_1829.jpg Fény24...JPG Fény.JPG Fényk25.JPG

by Dr. Radut.