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Music school

Music in the Lauder Javne school

The music school, part of the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School was one of the first Jewish music institutions in Europe founded after the Second World War. It was launched spontaneously for the request of students and their parents. The school’s aim is to teach and keep the Jewish traditions besides carrying on Hungarian and universal music. The institution is open for everyone who respects and has a strong interest in the above mentioned cultures.

The goal of teaching art is not only to have regular music lessons but to ensure the different kinds of instruments. The school’s professional program is a significant part of that of the parent school focusing on Jewish music culture. Music is an international language and a perfect way of passing on knowledge and tradition of a people. Besides teaching music we think it is important to form a community. Concerts, lectures and various performances give opportunities for playing music together as well as for strengthening the community.

Our summer music camp every year is a great possibility for the bands to perform their music. The flute band, jazz combo and klezmer band that were formed years before are great examples for others. Thus we are planning to put together a drum group, a guitar band and a choir. Students not playing in any group may form chamber combos with 2-3 members. This teaches them adaptibility and playing music together, to be able to listen to and care for the other. The school’s band give concerts regularly at Jewish programs as well as charity concerts, exhibitions in Hungary and abroad as well. At Jewish feasts our music groups give concerts in synagogues and rest homes.

In 2007 our music school was qualified as one of the best schools in Hungary.

In spring, 2007 the Z’mirim student klezmer band won the first prize at the IX. Veszprém Youth Arts Games Festival in the band catagory. In October, 2007 the Z’mirim won the band catagory’s first prize at the IX. Veszprém International Youth Arts Games Festival and the special prize as well.

The flute band represents our music school at the Baroque Palace Days located in the Grassalkovich Royal Palace of Gödöllő.

by Dr. Radut.