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First update

2010. november 30.


English Plus grade 7 students have made great progress .
In Spelling, we have been learning how to spell words with vowels: a , e, i, o, u. words with pefixes: ap, as, ac, af, at, endings: ion, ation. Then we also learnt how to spell words with French and Latin origin. It wasn’t easy, but this group of boys rose to the challenge.
In Grammar we are making nice progress, simple, compound and complex sentences are thought. We learnt how to capitalize, write business letters, address envelopes, punctuate and contractions.
In Language Arts class we just finished our „Travel” section. This section consisted of reports on a favorite city, sights to visit, foods, customs. Presentations were given on each topic and as a conclusion, the students designed their own travel brochure. Mike Lupica: Million-dollar throw, is the book that we will read next.

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by Dr. Radut.