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First update

2010. november 29.

English Plus grade 8 students have had a very good and dynamic trimester .

As it is a small class this year, it allows for flexibility and variety, and we have been fortunate to be able to work from a wide range of challenging instructional material. The rather advanced level of the students’ English knowledge has enabled them to take part in debates and discussions on various topics, as well as to produce high quality written work in form of essays: descriptive, persuasive, or narrative pieces of writing. In spelling and vocabulary, we have been concentrating on sophisticated challenge words , their meanings and how to use them in speech and writing, whereas in grammar, we have been learning about idioms, analogies, and parts of speech. The students have also been able to work individually or in pairs and present a report or an interview. Furthermore, we are due to start our reading project for this year, „Going Solo” by Roald Dahl, and are really looking forward to it.
In conclusion, all is well in our 8th grade class, and I hope we will have a productive, dynamic and exciting school year!


by Dr. Radut.