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First update

2010. november 29.

Third graders have been very busy this first half of the year. Spelling test have been done each week along with dictation tests. In grammar they have been learning about Nouns, Verbs, Possessive Nouns, and Sentence Types.

 In Literature the children are reading Charlotte’s Web. They are enjoying learning about the adventures of Wilbur and Charlotte and the barn yard animals.
The children are developing their writing strategies learning to do a draft of their stories and then edit and then do the final copy. They are enjoying working on the barn yard diorama from shoe boxes…come in and see them!
 So, as you can read the children have been working hard and having lots of fun.

stuff 020.jpg stuff 021-1.jpg stuff 021-2.jpg wilbur1.jpg wilbur2.jpg

by Dr. Radut.