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Visual Arts

2010. november 28.

Fourth grade has been exploring new ways of writing, drawing and just simply illustrating their names.

We made mobiles, pyramids, we translated our names into Egyptian hieroglyphics, and made name insects. What fun! Take a look.

insect1.jpg insect2.jpg insect3.jpg insect4.jpg insect5.jpg insect6.jpg insect7.jpg insect8.jpg insect9.jpg insect10.jpg insect11.jpg insect12.jpg name mobile 001.jpg name mobile 002.jpg stuff 010-1.jpg stuff 010-2.jpg stuff 010-3.jpg stuff 011-1.jpg stuff 011-2.jpg stuff 011-3.jpg stuff 011-5.jpg stuff 012-1.jpg stuff 012.jpg stuff 015.jpg stuff 017.jpg stuff 018-1.jpg stuff 018-2.jpg stuff 019.jpg

by Dr. Radut.