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First update

2010. november 19.


English Plus grade 6 students havehad a strong and exciting start of this school year.
They have been working hard and learning a lot in many areas of the English language: vocabulary and use, spelling, writing, grammar and comprehension. We have been working from 3 different instruction books and perfecting the use of tenses, irregular verbs and subject-verb agreement in grammar; in spelling, the students have learned many complex new words, their meaning, and how to use them; the students also achieved high scores on spelling quizzes and showed exceptional ability for acquiring new knowledge. We are anticipating the start of our reading project very soon, and are all excited about the book we have chosen to read this semester. Moreover, the students will be doing various individual and class research projects on a variety of topics.
Overall, everything is going well and we are aiming for a successeful and adventurous school year!


by Dr. Radut.