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First update

2010. november 17.


English Plus 5th grade students have had an enthusiastic and dynamic start of this school year!
 We have been busy learning and improving our spelling skills and have made it a point of learning new and challenging spelling words every week. The class has also been doing vocabulary work as our goal is to acquire new vocabulary knowledge and understand the meanings of new words and expressions, as well as how to use them in speech and writing. Furthermore, we have been working on the students’ writing skills by practicing written self-expression in their weekly journal entries, which sometimes includes making comics and acting out skits. In grammar, the 5th graders have been practicing different kinds of sentences, verb tenses, and agreement. Finally, we have started reading the book that we are all excited about: BFG by Roald Dahl, which promises to be a lot of fun for all.
Overall, everything is going well and according to plan, and I hope that this school year will prove to be a successful, fun and exciting learning experience!

by Dr. Radut.