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Izraeli program

2009. november 26.



November 29 -December 8, 2009 – Cheshvan-Kislev 5770

Sunday, November 29

                 10:00 Leaving Budapest by flight LY 366

       14:05 Arrival in Israel

                   Mini IsraelOpening the trip in Israel by a great discover of all the places in the country by small sizes.

                Travel to the South

                 Khan HaShayarot – A Bedouin village un the heart of rhe Negev desert where you will experience camel rides, lunch and Bedouin hospitality.

Overnight: Bedouin tents at Khan HaShayarot

Monday, November 30

       Camel Ride

                       Massada - Climb up the legendary cliff in the Judean desert following the trail of the last Jews who stood in the Great Revolt against the Roman Empire. Masada fell in 73 CE, 3 short years after the destruction of the Temple.

                 Dead Sea - See if you can float in the Sea of Salt, the lowest place on earth! The mineral-rich Dead Sea is located in the South of the Jordan Valley, the lowest spot on earth (398m below sea level!!!).

                 Nachal David (Ein Gedi) - An oasis in the Judean desert, Nachal David offers an opportunity to walk along parts of a small riverbed that ends on the shore of the Dead Sea , north-east of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

                 Travel to the north

Overnight: Beit Shean Youth Hostel

Tuesday, December 1

                 Gadot Observation Point - Overlooking the Galil and the Golan Heights, this observation point is named for Kibbutz Gadot - a kibbutz whose civilian members put themselves in the line of fire to defend the Galil up until 1967.  The site is dedicated to soldiers who fell in the fight for the defense of the Galil and the Golan.

                 Nachal Jilabun – A hiking trail with beautiful waterfalls in the southern part of the Golan Heights.

                 Katzrin - An urban village in the Lower Golan Heights. Ruins indicate that Katzrin is the site of a Jewish settlement from the Mishna and Talmud times.

                 Mount BenTal Observation pt. – Site of a former Israeli bunker, Mount Ben Tal is an observation point over looking the Golan Heights and Israel's Northern borders.

Overnight: Beit Shean Youth Hostel

Wednesday, December 2

                Tzfat (Safed) - The city of Jewish mysticism, Kaballah, was home to many illustrious Jewish sages and mystics during the 16th century, including Rabbi Yosef Caro and Rabbi Yitzchak Luria. Walking through the alleys of Tzfat, let yourself absorb its unique atmosphere, sense the spirituality of the town, its kabbalists, its beauty and art and unique people.

                 Museum of Hungarian Jewry

                 Tiberias - Named after the Roman Emperor Tiberias, this 2000-year-old town is situated on the Sea of Galilee, and is one of the four cities holy to the Jews (Tiberias, Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed). Tiberias is the ancient burial sights of many scholars, including the Rambam and Rabbi Akiva.

                 Kinneret cruise - Sea of Galilee-a sweet water lake in the northern Jordan valley. Its main sources are the Jordan Rivers flowing from the mountains and rain water.

                 Travel to Jerusalem

                 Preparation for Yad Vashem

Overnight: Yehuda Youth Hostel, Jerusalem

Thursday, December 3

          Hertzl Museum

          Mt. Hertzl - Israel’s national cemetery is also Jerusalem’s military cemetery, where soldiers of past and present are buried. Mt. Hertzl is the burial place of many dignitaries and prominent figures of the Jewish people such as Theodore Hertzl, Yitzchak Rabin, Channa Sennesh and Yoni Netanyahu. The new Hertzl Museum is located at the entrance to the site.   

          Yad Vashem - Located on Har Hazikaron (the Mountain of Remembrance) in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem is dedicated to documenting the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period, preserving the memory and story of each of the six million victims, and imparting the legacy of the Holocaust for generations to come through its archives, library, school, museums and recognition of the Righteous Among the Nations.

                 Meeting with relatives

Overnight : Yehuda Youth Hostel, Jerusalem

Friday, December 4

         Emek HaelaStare at the special point of view from HaEla valley and imagine this place as the theatre of the fight between the king David – who was a shepperd at the same time

       Tel Goded – Can you believe that jews had to hide their identity and willing of studying Torah under Roman domination? Let's come and see some of the places until Bar Kochba decided to revolt with the support of Rabbi Akiva.

            Preparation to Shabbat

                 Candles lighting           15:59

                 Kabbalat Shabbat

                 Oneg Shabbat

Overnight: King Salomon Hotel, Jerusalem

Shabbat, December 5

                 Group Shabbat

                 Tour in Jerusalem

                 Madrichim activity

                 Havdala           17:14

                 Free time in Ben Yehuda street

Overnight: King Salomon Hotel, Jerusalem

Sunday, December 6

          City of David - Many archaeological wonders can be found on the site of King David's capital city, including houses, castles and guard posts, pieces of the old city wall, and the daring enterprise of King Hezekiah's amazing water tunnel.

                 Kotel (the Western Wall) – Sometimes called the "Wailing Wall" or the "Western Wall", the Kotel is part of the remains of the Temple Mount – on top of which stood the Temple.  The Temple Mount ("Mount Moriah") is the holiest place on earth to the Jews. Over the centuries the Kotel became a symbol of the destroyed Temple and was one of the only parts of the Temple Mount that we could approach.

                 The Jewish Quarter - The past and present Jewish presence in the Old City of Jerusalem comes to life in the ancient Cardo, the unique synagogues, the narrow alleys and the modern living quarters, court yards and schools of the Old City.

            Travel to Tel Aviv

        Evening – Meeting with Hungarian immigrants who will share of their experience and decision to come and live in Israel.

Overnight: Bnei Dan Youth Hostel, Tel Aviv

Monday, December 7

          Beit Hatfoutsot – Come and discover the origin of the roots of jewish family names and the history of communities all around the Diaspora. You can also learn about the connection between Israel and jewish people all over the world.

                  Visit of the Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv – This is the israeli "big apple", with its buildings, its historical and cultural sites. This year, the city celebrates her hundred year anniversary.

            Travel to Sdot Yam

            Hanah Sennesh Museum

          Travel to Tel Aviv

           Tour of Tel Aviv Yafo

           Farewell party

Overnight: Bnei Dan Youth Hostel, Tel Aviv

Tuesday, December 8

                            03:00            Travel to the airport

                                  06:00            Travel to Budapest by flight LY 365

by Dr. Radut.