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2010. november 30.


English Plus grade 7 students have made great progress .
In Spelling, we have been learning how to spell words with vowels: a , e, i, o, u. words with pefixes: ap, as, ac, af, at, endings: ion, ation. Then we also learnt how to spell words with French and Latin origin. It wasn’t easy, but this group of boys rose to the challenge.
In Grammar we are making nice progress, simple, compound and complex sentences are thought. We learnt how to capitalize, write business letters, address envelopes, punctuate and contractions.
In Language Arts class we just finished our „Travel” section. This section consisted of reports on a favorite city, sights to visit, foods, customs. Presentations were given on each topic and as a conclusion, the students designed their own travel brochure. Mike Lupica: Million-dollar throw, is the book that we will read next.
2010. november 29.

English Plus grade 8 students have had a very good and dynamic trimester .

As it is a small class this year, it allows for flexibility and variety, and we have been fortunate to be able to work from a wide range of challenging instructional material. The rather advanced level of the students’ English knowledge has enabled them to take part in debates and discussions on various topics, as well as to produce high quality written work in form of essays: descriptive, persuasive, or narrative pieces of writing. In spelling and vocabulary, we have been concentrating on sophisticated challenge words , their meanings and how to use them in speech and writing, whereas in grammar, we have been learning about idioms, analogies, and parts of speech. The students have also been able to work individually or in pairs and present a report or an interview. Furthermore, we are due to start our reading project for this year, „Going Solo” by Roald Dahl, and are really looking forward to it.
In conclusion, all is well in our 8th grade class, and I hope we will have a productive, dynamic and exciting school year!


2010. november 29.

Third graders have been very busy this first half of the year. Spelling test have been done each week along with dictation tests. In grammar they have been learning about Nouns, Verbs, Possessive Nouns, and Sentence Types.

 In Literature the children are reading Charlotte’s Web. They are enjoying learning about the adventures of Wilbur and Charlotte and the barn yard animals.
The children are developing their writing strategies learning to do a draft of their stories and then edit and then do the final copy. They are enjoying working on the barn yard diorama from shoe boxes…come in and see them!
 So, as you can read the children have been working hard and having lots of fun.
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2010. november 28.

Fourth grade has been exploring new ways of writing, drawing and just simply illustrating their names.

We made mobiles, pyramids, we translated our names into Egyptian hieroglyphics, and made name insects. What fun! Take a look.

2010. november 28.

Art class is a place, where the children open up their creativity and show us their inner world. First grade is full of wonderful surprises and ideas. They explore, create and have fun.

We have been exploring colors, holidays and everything that goes with them. Getting ready for the Channukah Fair has also been an ongoing project for us.

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2010. november 23.


1st grade….what a busy start to the year we have had. The children have been learning consonant sounds and short vowel sounds and that the vowels and consonants make words. The children have taken home spelling words and have had spelling tests. They have been reading lots of different books that they take home each night. And they have learnt that a story has a beginning, middle and an end. They have also learnt that a sentence is a complete thought and it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.
   We are reading Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne. The children have learnt lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs….that there were canivores and hebivores. If you listen carefully you can hear dinosaurs stompping around the room!!!!!!
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2010. november 23.

We've been having fun in art class,exploring African Art and colors. Channukah craft  projects are awaiting their day at the fair.



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2010. november 23.

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The Second Grade have been very busy this first half of the year. Spelling tests have continued and the children have coped well.

We have been reading Midnight on the Moon by Mary Pope Osborne and learning all about the Solar System.

In Grammar the children have learnt about Nouns, Verbs and Sentence types.


The children’s sentence writing is developing as they learn to write stories using varied words to make their stories interesting. As you can read, everyone has been working very hard and having a good time learning their work.


2010. november 19.


English Plus grade 6 students havehad a strong and exciting start of this school year.
They have been working hard and learning a lot in many areas of the English language: vocabulary and use, spelling, writing, grammar and comprehension. We have been working from 3 different instruction books and perfecting the use of tenses, irregular verbs and subject-verb agreement in grammar; in spelling, the students have learned many complex new words, their meaning, and how to use them; the students also achieved high scores on spelling quizzes and showed exceptional ability for acquiring new knowledge. We are anticipating the start of our reading project very soon, and are all excited about the book we have chosen to read this semester. Moreover, the students will be doing various individual and class research projects on a variety of topics.
Overall, everything is going well and we are aiming for a successeful and adventurous school year!


2010. november 18.

Dear parents,

This week, we are sending home with the children the book orders . Please follow insructions on how to place your orders.

I would like to remind you, that this is the last order for 2010, which is a great opportunity  to surprise your child with a quality and fun gift. Also it is very important to keep the deadline: Monday,  Nov. 22. We cannot accept late orders, due to the fact that these books arrive from USA, and the shipping time is longer.

"Happy reading"

2010. november 17.


English Plus 5th grade students have had an enthusiastic and dynamic start of this school year!
 We have been busy learning and improving our spelling skills and have made it a point of learning new and challenging spelling words every week. The class has also been doing vocabulary work as our goal is to acquire new vocabulary knowledge and understand the meanings of new words and expressions, as well as how to use them in speech and writing. Furthermore, we have been working on the students’ writing skills by practicing written self-expression in their weekly journal entries, which sometimes includes making comics and acting out skits. In grammar, the 5th graders have been practicing different kinds of sentences, verb tenses, and agreement. Finally, we have started reading the book that we are all excited about: BFG by Roald Dahl, which promises to be a lot of fun for all.
Overall, everything is going well and according to plan, and I hope that this school year will prove to be a successful, fun and exciting learning experience!

2010. november 4.

Please follow these steps when ordering your children's books:

1. Fill in the child's name on the order form.

2. Choose books, enter the amount.

3. Count the exact amount for the books you ordered.

4. Place the order form and the money in an envelope, seal it and write your child's name on it.

5. Give the envelope to any of the E+ teachers.

If you would like to write a message to me you can do that on the order form. Thank you for orders, and "Happy Reading".

2010. október 18.

The English Plus Program is very happy to start Scholastic book orders again.  We would like to make this an exciting event by bringing books close to children and encouraging the love of reading.  It's a great chance to purchase exciting learning materials at reasonable prices. We will send home a catalogue with the children during the first week of each month. If you wish to order, please return the completed order forms to your child's E+ teacher by the designated date.  Please make sure to include the exact amount in an envelope.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: sioretia@lauder.hu. Happy reading!



by Dr. Radut.