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2011. május 31.

During the last part of the school  year we were dealing with the Ancient Greek History. Here are some of the topics the students developed in depth,and created some marvelous ppts out of them:

 Persian wars
Greek ships
Ancient Greek buildings
Troyan war
Greek theatre
2011. május 31.

  The last quarter of this school year, the 5th grade students continued to work diligently on their English skills and further improved their vocabulary, grammar, and communication and structure. They participated in class projects and discussions, made and presented posters, expanded their journal entries and played fun language games. After enjoying reading the BFG, the 5th graders departed on another adventure with the new reading assignment - The Treasure Island, an exciting book about searching for lost treasure, which we are currently reading and discussing.  Overall, our 5th graders were a pleasure to work with, they all had a successful, productive and dynamic school year, and can soon enjoy the well-deserved summer holidays!

 Well done everyone, and you are off to a great start in 6th grade!

2011. május 31.

This great and creative group of kids really showed what they are made of. Talent, imagination and creativity. Many great projects, and creations were born and I am sure that they can top them next year. You were a lot of fun and worked very hard. Enjoy the summer and see you in September!

2011. május 31.

 It is hard to believe that the year is over. Time flies when you are having fun!!! It has been a busy last quarter for all grades. Here is the latest and final news for the year…

The fourth graders, have finished reading ’The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ and have learnt to summarise the chapters and interpret their meanings. They have learnt to indent each paragraph and learnt to expand their paragraph writing. They have also learnt to use the dictionary to find the meanings to words they don’t know. The children have finished their spelling and grammar books and are in the process of finishing their word study books. During the summer, I encourage all students to do lots of reading and speaking in English

2011. május 31.

It was a creative year and we worked very closely with our classmates from Dallam and Ritmus. Many masterpieces and wonders came out. The class was fun and I enjoyed working with them. The children perfected many skills and learnt new ones. Hard work and creativity characterized our time together. Enjoy the summer and see you in September!

elso kép.jpg
2011. május 31.

 It is hard to believe that the year is over. Time flies when you are having fun!!! It has been a busy last quarter for all grades. Here is the latest and final news for the year…

Third Graders have been busy finishing Charlotte’s Web and reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They have been learning to summarise the chapters and look up vocabulary words in the dictionary. They completed their grammar books which I know they were sad about!!!!! They are now completing their spelling and Phonics books. I encourage all the children to do lots of reading and have lots of opportunities to speak in English over the summer break.

2011. május 31.

It was fun this year, we had many great projects all year round. The last part of the year the masks were lots of fun, origami, 3D and painting, just to mention a few. Great group of kids great work! Enjoy the summer, I’ll see you in September.

3D 1.jpg
2011. május 31.

It is hard to believe that the year is over. Time flies when you are having fun!!! It has been a busy last quarter for all grades. Here is the latest and final news for the year…

Second Graders have been busy learning about Tsunamis as they read “High Tide In Hawaii” by Mary Pope Osborne. They have completed their Grammar books, which I know they were sad about!!! The children have written wonderful stories and have learnt that a paragraph has to be indented at the beginning. They have continued to learn to edit and rewrite their work. I encourage that all the children do lots of reading during the summer and that they have lots of opportunities to speak in English. Take a look at the pictures of their work.

2011. május 31.

We had a marvelous year with many projects to improve our fine motor skills, painting, coloring, drawing, cutting and many other techniques. The kids enjoyed our time together. They were adorable and it was a great and productive year. Enjoy the summer, I’ll see you in September.

2011. május 31.

It is hard to believe that the year is over. Time flies when you are having fun!!! It has been a busy last quarter for all grades. Here is the latest and final news for the year…
We finished reading The Knight At Dawn and have almost finished reading Pirates Past Noon. The children have written their first stories called”A Pirate Adventure”. They learnt to write a rough draft, edit the mistakes and re-write their stories. In Grammar the children have learnt to use adjectives and verbs and what the subject and predicate of a sentence is. Spelling and Phonics continued to be favorites with all. It has been wonderful to watch the children become better readers and independant learners. Take a look at the pictures of 1st grade work.

2011. május 5.

Dear parents!

This week the last order forms are going home. For the 2010-2011 school year this is the last opportunity for you to order books from Scholastic. Now is the time to buy your books for the summer, which is a great way to keep your child's reading and comprehension skills up to date, and prepare for the next school year.

The deadline to return your orders with the correct amount of money is: May 11th.

Have a great summer, and "Happy reading".


2011. március 1.

4th grade has been exploring colors, and cutting out of magazins these many shades to make their collages. 3D view of things also has been a project, and we created some great shapes. Story illustrations have been a part of our curriculum. The student wrote similes and incorporated them in an animal drawing. 

collage 1.JPG
2011. február 19.


There has been a lot going in Third Grade….In grammar we were busy learning about Subject and Predicates and Compound Subjects. We have been real busy learning to write paragraphs and making our stories a lot more interesting by using adjectives and verbs.
Charlotte’s Web is great reading and we are enjoying reading about Wilbur the Radiant Pig. The best thing has been writing our Rap songs. They are very funky.
Making up stories and writing letters in our Journals has been fun too, especially when we can write what we like.  
Thirds Graders are a Terrific Bunch!!
2011. február 19.


Fourth Graders have finished reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe….what a great story! It was exciting to watch the movie on the new flat screen Tv too. Comparing the film to the book was interesting and the film came very close to matching the book’s events. We finished writing our major stories….the stories are awesome. It was challenging to pay attention to grammar and paragraphing, especially indenting!
We also watched Prince Caspian. Now we are reading the Voyage of the Dawn Treader…fourth graders just love C.S.Lewis.
In grammar we learnt to use Similies and Metaphors, double negatives and adverbs. We just LOVE the Grammar!!!
We have had a lot of fun discussing events in journal writing and listening to other’s opinions.
The fourth graders are a splendid bunch!
ch0 hanna.jpg
2011. február 16.

Exploring  colors, and different shades of a particular color, started our next term. Cutting and gluing were just some of the many techniques we applied.We illustrated stories by painting with water paint and tempera. Coloring is still a technique we continue using, however it  was the favorite one.

Next we will improve further our fine motor skills, and continue painting . 3D shapes are amongst some of the future projects.
2011. február 15.

We have a small, but very dilligent group.This year we started with the revision of the Middle Ages,and students collected lots of materials, pictures and we enjoyed their PPT-s.

Our new topic is the Renaissance and the Exploration.We are looking forward to the new ideas, slideshows, debating topics.

Black death-00001.jpg
2011. február 15.

8th grade English Plus is fabulous!

We've had a fun and productive first semester, and the students have made exceptional progress in their many English skills. They have been particularly expressive and imaginative in writing, and have produced some fantastic pieces of writing. We've had in-class discussions on a variety of interesting topics from all walks of life, and have been diligent in learning new vocabulary, structure and expressions.
One of this semester's highlights has been enjoying the reading of a Roald Dahl novel, and in the weeks to come, we will be looking forward to another exciting reading project. Well done, and keep up the good work! 
2011. február 15.

Many things happened since we last reported.

We illustrated stories, we explored colors and different shades of a paricular color. Cutting and gluing were just some of the many techniques we applied.We also started painting with water paint and tempera.
The students were improving their fine motor skills by threading beads, and creating different things: rings, bracelets and hedgehogs. Colorful and interesting pieces showed how creative they can be at this young age.
2011. február 15.

Second graders have been very busy learning lots of new things. They have learnt to write paragraphs and in grammar they have learnt about the Subject, the Predicate and verbs.

They are reading Earthquake In the Early Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. Jack and Annie venture into the Great San Francisco earthquake in 1906. So they have been learning about how earthquakes happen and what damage they can do. They are writing a poem about the event. They have also written stories about being in the earthquake with Jack and Annie…very immaginative stories emerged.
It has been a fun time in Second grade…they are an amazing group!!!
2011. február 15.

First grade has been very busy. They have began learning Grammar and now understand what nouns are and that there are plural nouns and proper nouns too. In phonics they have been learning long vowel sounds and the spelling words have also been long vowel sounds.

They have continued to work on their sentences remembering that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.
They are enjoying The Knight At Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne. They are reading the adventure of Jack and Annie in the Middle Ages. They are also learning about life in the Middle Ages. I think that everyone would like to own their own castle, complete with a moat!!!!!!!!!! They are looking at the types of music and instruments that were used in that time. They are also writing a class poem about Jack and Annie and the Knight.
First grade is so much fun and so many new things are learnt….First graders are AWESOME!
2011. február 11.

                Spelling is challenging as we learn words from Geography, Science, Math, History and Business, however these obsticles were defeated. We moved from prefixes to suffixes: ial, ious, al, ally, ic, ically, ly, able and ible.

Mike Lupica: Million-dollar throw, is our reading assignment, very interesting and gives us an opportunity to expand our vocabulary, practice essay writing and just read out loud.
We celebrated International Food Day by cooking pancakes, which was a big success and the pancakes were delicious. Please try them at home, it is a great breakfast treat.
RONI MOSHAVI blind essay.jpg
2011. február 9.

Our students enjoy tradition, stories from the Tanach. The PPT presentations are a great way to sum up what we learnt and to show their creativity.

The holidays are also a great opportunity to feel happy, and see traditional ways to celebrate.

2011. február 9.


This year we are studying the Middle Ages. We are convinced that History means not only the history of kings, battles, but also emphasises economic, social and intellectual forces, how these affected lives of people.
We are using lots of interesting websites of BBC and Usborne, and children are really happy to work on different topics, dealing with many interesting sources and they are very talented to collect their own PPT-s.
Medieval Castles-1-00001.jpg
2011. február 9.


Time flies in English Plus - we are already in the second semester!
The 6th grade students in our class have had an eventful and productive first semester in our Language Arts program. We did a lot of talking and debating, plenty of reading, tons of exercises and quite a bit of writing. The students all had the chance to improve their many skills, as well as to be creative and use their imagination in various class activities. We are looking forward to the challenges this semester will bring, and to the new reading project coming up soon. Well done, everyone!
2011. február 9.


English Plus 5th graders have had a great first semester!
We talked, we wrote, we learned, we read  we played, and then we leaned some more.........all the students have made considerable progress in many areas of the English language, and had a delightful time together. We have been following our Language Arts program and working diligently from the vocabulary and spelling books. We are right on target with the reading as well, and the students have done a couple of fun projects on the book they are really enjoying, the BFG. In the second semester, we plan to focus more on writing techniques and grammar skills, as well as to start another exciting reading project. Well done, everyone! 
2011. február 8.


It is all fun and games…
As the year progresses the children are developing their fine motor skills. Cutting , gluing, folding and coloring are tasks that require our attention. The kids enjoy these projects and the end results tell us how much work and love goes into a creation.
The last part of the year we will focus on details, and painting. Great job 1st grade!
2011. február 1.

Dear parents,

The February book orders have been sent home today. The return date for the order forms is: February 4th, Monday. Please remember to send them in on time. "Happy reading" !

2011. január 4.

Dear parents,

We sent home the January book orders. The due date to return the completed orders is: 2011 Jan. 7. Please follow the ordering instructions.

Happy Reading!


2010. december 9.


We have been working closely with the rest of the class in illustrating stories, making self portraits and getting ready for the Channukah fair.
We painted and drew fall colors and some holidays, we made mitzve posters and patterns.
The next project is exploring colors and letting our imagination run.

2010. december 1.


The 4th graders have been very busy this first half of the year.
We have been concentrating on the Writing Process, learning to expand our story ideas by using interesting and colorful adjectives, verbs and nouns. We are learning to draft and edit our stories before the final copy is written. In grammar we have been concentrating on the past and present tense and subject and predicates.
In Literature we have been reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by C.S.Lewis. We have learnt all about the author. We love reading the book and analysing each chapter in our literture books. Our character drawings we fun to do.
We are learning to write and expand our paragraphs in our journal writing. As you can read we are doing many things in English Plus and have a great time doing it.
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by Dr. Radut.