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2012. március 1.

This year's seventh grade is a very capable, creative and enthusiastic international group of eager and talented students, providing for a vast variety of learning activities involving all areas of the English language. It is a pleasure to work with students who are such quick learners and have an awareness of the world around, allowing for interesting and intriguing discussions and debates to emerge. We have been working on advanced-level vocabulary building and usage, as well as on interesting writing topics and follow-up discussions. Furthermore, we have been reading Anne Frank's Diary and will be doing activities related to the book and to this trying period in world history. Overall, seventh graders are an enjoyable bunch and both a challenge as well as inspiration to the teacher! Good job, everyone and keep working hard!

2012. március 1.

Gulliver’s Travels takes us into a new, exciting and unknown world of small things with big problems. The kids get to draw parallels between the book’s events and the political situations at the time the book was written. A timeline of the author’s life was created, reading comprehension questions answered and many class discussions in connection with the story were completed. We are embarking on the second travel and we’ll see what stormy waters will it take us on.
Spelling took up a new face. The students get tested on their spelling abilities, and their vocabulary skills as well. They have to know how to spell their weekly words as well as what their meanings are. Not an easy task, however the boys are handling the challenge well.
Punctuation, capitalization, active voice, parts of sentences, misused words, foreign roots are just a few topics that the students encountered in Grammar lately. They do not only learn grammatical rules, they also learn different techniques that help their writing skills: “transition in writing”, “editing your work”, “relating ideas”.

The momentum is great, and it shows in the students knowledge and their growing enthusiasm. Lets run with it!

2012-02-29 12.37.37.jpg
2012. március 1.

With the new semester and a new student, there is fresh energy in our Language Arts class. We are making fantastic progress in the Wordly Wise textbook which has proven to be challenging but the girls consistently demonstrate great grasp of the meaning of the difficult vocabulary as well as their capacity to use it appropriately. We have begun to read Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, first familiarizing ourselves with the turbulent life of the author. In the upcoming weeks, we will not only analyze the novella in depth, but also compare it to its various film adaptations and write essays on the main themes of the book (heroism, unity of nature and man, pride) . It is promising to be a fruitful, productive and enjoyable semester.


2011. december 13.

The first part of the year many different things were created. We worked with our names, grafitti style, egyiptian style, and insect style. Made houses, which are used in a play. Also some classroom stories were illustrated on a large paper as big as the students themselves.

Hannukah Fair is a special time of the year, which gives us an opportunity to show our creativity and talent. Many items were created for the fair, that will bring in for the class a nice sum. Come and see and shop!

2011. december 13.

The kids learnt many great thing during tradition classes. Bible stories, traditions and celebrations. Holidays were a real treat for all of us, they were celebrated amongst us, which enriched the kids love towards these special days. They worked very hard, and we are looking forward to a very productive, more creative and wonderful new school year

2011. december 13.

Through the wardrobe, feeling the coats and then the snow on the ground and then  the appearance of the land of Narnia………

The 4th graders are reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe!! Did you guess? And  they have been enjoying all the activities  that we have been doing with the story. They are in the process of writing their own adaptation of the book. I can’t wait to read all the fantastic stories.


The class is learning to do a draft, edit and write their final copies.The children have drawn amazing character drawings and maps of Narnia.

Analysing each chapter and understanding the voc abulary has been challenging and the children are mastering it very well.

We are looking forward to watching the Movie of Narnia once we have finished reading the book.
2011. december 8.

3rd grade has started the year very well, and many interesting pieces came out of it. We have illustraterd stories that we read in class. We created things out of play dough and they were very realistic.

Fall colors are beautiful, and they were illustrated with aquarell and water colors. The children learnt how to sew, and made very nice bracelets and matching necklaces out of sparkling beads. Lanters were also one of our creations, amongst finger puppets and Zoetrops.

The Hannukah fair will have some beautiful things that we will be happy to sell, made by the entire class.

2011. december 8.

                We learnt about the life of some famous composers, Mozart, Stravinsky, Vivaldi and also about the use of suffixes, such as: -ist (piano, pianist etc.). Experimenting with musical instrument was a noisy time, but the use of different percussion instruments was an interesting class. We visited well known musical towns, such as Salzburg and Venice, imitated animals (whales).

The technical part of this subject was also greatly explored, we learnt songs: Do- re -mi, Claire du Fontaine, Nérli, Sovivon (Hanuka's songs), Verb Rap song, concepts such as: ballet, prodigy, tempo, orchestra and mixed choir, four speeds of music adagio, andante, allegretto, allegro.

A real treat was when we listened to Firebird, Nutcracker, Carnival of the Animals, Four Seasons, Swan Lake. Many more great experiences await us in the coming months in English Plus Music. Keep your ears tuned!

2011. december 8.

The kids learnt many great thing during tradition classes. Bible stories, traditions and celebrations. Holidays were a real treat for all of us, they were celebrated amongst us, which enriched the kids love towards these special days. They worked very hard, and we are looking forward to a very productive, more creative and wonderful new school year

2011. december 8.

The 3rd graders are having a ’sweet’ time reading Charlie and  The Chocolate Factory. They have made wonderful golden tickets and have learnt to write character descriptions and narratives. They are doing great writing with their Wanted Posters. They are learning all about the different behaviours of the children in the book and the consequences they face because of their behaviours.

They have also been busy making their own cartoons based on the Diary of a Whimpy Kid.

3rd grade has been busy. And they are looking forward to what is ahead of them.

2011. december 7.

We have been working closely with the rest of the class on illustrating stories and exploring colors.We painted and drew fall colors pictures and scenery, and some holidays were also remembered. . We traveled to the Moon and explored the view up there. Many of our Channukah craft projects are awaiting their day at the fair.The next project is exploring colors and letting our imagination run.

2011. december 7.

It has been a busy time in 2nd grade. We have been working hard on our story writing. We have learnt how to develop ideas and use more interesting words. Now we are learning to write a rough draft, edit and then re write your stories.

In grammar we have learnt about nouns, verbs and subjects of a sentence.

It has been great reading about Jack and Annies adventures on the moon. We are learning all about the solar system and space exploration.

Fall themes have given way to poetry and drawings that the children have enjoyed so much. And Fridays have been transformed into Word search Fridays!! The children love word searches….lots and lots of discussion goes on while the search goes on for words. All in all it has been fun times and lots of learning in Language Arts.

2011. december 7.

In Spelling, we have been learning how to spell words with different endings, and with double final consonents.Then we also learnt how to spell words with Latin origin and an entire section was dedicated to  various prefixes. It wasn’t easy, but this group of boys rose to the challenge.

In Grammar we are making nice progress, learning about Hyphens and Dashes, different sentence types, Pronouns and Antecedents, Comparatives and Superlatives, parallel sentence construction, Parantheses and Brackets. We learnt about frequently misspelled words. Editing and rewriting expressions and phrases are also reappearing tasks.

In Language Arts this year we are focusing on improving our writing skills, and further developing our vocabulary . The first novel we read was „Holes”, which has given the students a nice start and paving the road for the next reading assigment. Reading responses were completed and an end of the book projects was also completed. Next up is „Gullivers’s Travels”.

2011. november 30.

                We've been able to make the most of the little class time we had this first part of the school year. The range of activities we've done has kept our lessons interesting.

There has been a nice balance of new grammatical constructions, advanced vocabulary and expressions, reading silently and aloud, and writing essays on a variety of topics. Reading the book The Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson has been especially enjoyable as the language used in this work is vivid and story is engaging and relevant. It has led to great discussions and presented a lot of valuable language input, including learning about literary devices such as simile and metaphor.
We're looking forward to the next few weeks, working hard to recuperate lost time and finish this calendar year strong.

2011. november 30.

What a dynamic, hard-working and creative group of students. It's been a real joy working with grade 7 so far and introduce them to the world of Spanish language.
The students come to class ready to learn, are engaged in all class activities and should be very proud of how much they've accomplished already. The children can introduce themselves, talk about what they like and don't like and even describe their families, both physical characteristics and personalities. Because of their curiosity, the students' vocabulary is growing very fast. I'm confident that they will be able to rise to the challenges as we learn some grammar in the coming months. One of the most enjoyable aspects of our classes together has been having Sebastian Santos, a native Spanish speaker, with us once a week and practicing the language in real conversations with him. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with learning to speak Spanish this year!

2011. november 30.

Grade 7 English Plus students are off to a dynamic and challenging start this school year, as they are entering higher-level mastery of the Englsih language with all its adventures and also challenges, along with meeting higher academic expectations. We have been working in our Spelling, Word Study, and Grammar books, as well as learning about history by reading and discussing 'Anne Frank's Diary'. Furthermore, grade 7 students are keeping their weekly journal entries on a variety of topics, as well as participating in various class projects and discussions.

Well done and keep up the good work!
2011. november 30.

Grade 6 English Plus class has been doing quite well in English Plus so far. We have been studying hard from our Spelling, Word Study, and Grammar books, as well as enjoying Roald Dahl's adventures in his novel 'Boy'. The 6th graders are working on mastering English language skills on a higher level this year and meeting new challenges, however if they keep on working diligently, they will be successful in the many tasks that lie ahead this school year.

Off to a good start, and keep up the good work!
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2011. november 30.


Grade 5 English Plus students are off to a good and dynamic start this school year.
We are busy working on our Spelling, Phonics and Grammar books, all while enjoying reading about the adventures of the BFG, Sophie and the giants. Forget not that the 5th graders are also writing diligently into their weekly journal, and participating in many class activities involving communication skills. The 5th grade this year is a fun-loving and energetic group of children eager to take on the English-speaking world!
Well done so far!
2011. november 29.
The kids learnt many great thing during tradition classes. Bible stories, traditions and celebrations. Holidays were a real treat for all of us, they were celebrated amongst us, which enriched the kids love towards these special days. They worked very hard, and we are looking forward to a very productive, more creative and wonderful new school year
2011. november 29.

Art class is a place, where the children open up their creativity and show us their inner world. First grade is full of wonderful surprises and ideas. They explore, create and have fun. Working on fine motor skills has been one of our priorities.

We have been exploring colors, holidays and everything that goes with them. Getting ready for the Channukah Fair has also been an ongoing project for us.
2011. november 29.

It has been a very busy start to first grade. The children are reading, writing their first sentences   and learning all about Nouns in their grammar books.

Reading Mary Pope Osborne’s book, Dinosaurs Before Dark , is lots of fun and the children have learnt many interesting facts about Dinosaurs and the Jurrasic period.
Spelling Tests are another thing that the children have been introduced to and they are enjoying the Monday morning tests.
Writing poetry about the fall season has given way to much immaginative writing and drawings and songs.
With the coming winter season we will be doing lots of creative writing and having lots of fun.
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2011. november 23.

Dear parents,
We would like to bring to your attention, that during this year's book fair,our school offers books in English. These special books are provided by the company Usborne. It is a fantastic opportunity to stack up on special gifts for your children for the upcoming holidays. We hope that many of you will take advantage of this special offer.
Happy reading!

2011. június 6.

 The kids learnt many great thing during tradition classes. Bible stories, traditions and celebrations. Holidays were a real treat for all of us, they were celebrated amongst us, which enriched the kids love towards these special days.  They worked very hard, and we are looking forward to a very productive, more creative and wonderful new school year

2011. június 6.

 The kids learnt many great thing during tradition classes. Bible stories, traditions and celebrations. Holidays were a real treat for all of us, they were celebrated amongst us, which enriched the kids love towards these special days.  They worked very hard, and we are looking forward to a very productive, more creative and wonderful new school year

2011. június 1.

Maia and Alexa started to deal with the Global Age: Renaissance, Humanism, and Reformation.

They know a lots of details about the 1-st Court of scientists, showed the Morus Thomas’s Utopia,Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and wrote an obituary of Luther and Calvin.

2011. június 1.

In the last quarter of this academic year, 8th grade students were very industrious and producitve, thus making vast improvement in their overall performance in English. Our weekly assignments were advanced, challenging and trying at times, however the 8th graders managed them with skill and ease, proving yet again what talented and hard-working students they are. Having students like this in class is truly a pleasure as they are diligent, responsible, keen to express themselves in a variety of ways, and able to do their work independently and confidently. They have learned new high-level vocabulary and structure, written impressive journal entries and enjoyed reading and discussing another marvellous book – A Thousand Splendid Suns.

 Let me just say to them – a job well done! – and wish them a fun-filled, re-energizing summer holiday, and a fantastic start of the next school year!

2011. június 1.

As we come to the end of this school year, we look back and see all the things we have done, and the goals we set and achieved.

The Mike Lupica book was finished, and we “spent” $ 1 000 000 on things that were important to us, cars, homes, charity and gifts. We also realized, that being blind is a difficult thing to live with, however Braille writing is a great tool that helps.

We obtained 5thplace in the “All about Wales Competition”. Our first time ever participating, and being the youngest team amongst he competitors.  Congratulations to the Boys! Great job!

We finished our Grammar curriculum, and sharpened our listening comprehension skills with the help of Owl City and Rolling Stones. Descriptive paragraphs, research paragraphs and persuasive writing were just a few types of writing we practiced. Spelling was challenging, but we mastered all the new words. Here is a list of our favorite words from this year’s spelling book: alfalfa, testify, testimony, cockpit, smudge, fatigue, diction, bayou, valise, isthmus, facsimile, trapezoid, obtuse, caucus, ghetto, Antonia, staccato, pronto, retrospect and extemporaneous.

These boys have worked very hard this year, and their progress was fantastic. Have a great and relaxing summer !

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2011. június 1.

                We finished the Ancient History of Sumer, Egypt, Persia and the Jewish Kingdom.The students were collecting different facts about the Persian culture, Dead Sea Scrolls. Their works are great and mirror their hard work and understanding of the learnet topics.

2011. június 1.

6th grade students in English Plus have been working hard and making outstanding progress during the last quarter of the school year. We have done advanced-level  vocabulary and structure work along with weekly reading and writing, and topped with grammar consolidation – in a word, we’ve done it all! Add to that research projects and power point presentations, discussion and debate on chosen topics and reading a thrilling book by Roald Dahl, much enjoyed by everyone in the class. Finally, we even managed to squeeze in a couple of movies in English that the children had fun watching. It has been fantastic working with our 6th graders this year, and it is my pleasure to say that they are off to a great start in 7th grade!

Well done, everyone!
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2011. június 1.

                We studied the Explorations of the 15-16-th centuries. Children had to write their own diary.They wrote about their experiences, hardships on their ships, about the new fields, plants.

The most exciting stories are: Lili Feher’s story, Andreas’ and Yotham’s stories.If I had a publishing company, I would publish all of them immediately!

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by Dr. Radut.