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English Plus

An English Program for Bilingual Children
Here at Lauder we are proud to present our unique program of teaching English embedded in a Hungarian study system.  In this program we educate children who already speak English at a native or near-native English  level and further expand their knowledge in the fields of speaking, listening, writing and reading, strengthen their  spelling and phonics skills .
Language Arts, Visual Arts, Drama, Social Studies and Tradition classes are offered  in English with a wide range of topics and  activities to practice different skills, open up new, dynamic venues for English communication.
Each grade level E+ class combines students from different classes within the same agegroup to ensure diversity and stimulation. Our dedicated teachers provide a safe and productive environment, make sure the program stays fresh and exciting, offer a great variety of activities and support the children’s development in every possible way.
After the special language year in grade 9 the program develops according to the students’ special interests.
Please see details for each grade under the  particular grade description heading.


2016. június 10.

In celebration of our English Plus Program's 10th birthday, grades 1 to 10 worked together to create a LipDub to mark this happy occasion.

by Dr. Radut.