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The philosphy of Lauder Javne Jewish Community School is to develop the academic, social, and artistic skills of students so they will be productive and responsible citizens of our world.
  • In our school learning is an enjoyable process that comes naturally to all children,
  • where the environment is safe both emotionally and physically,
  • where personal effort, honesty, responsibility and achievement are highly valued.
  • We help the learning process by developing the skills necessary for independent learning,
  • with special attention to the development of different personalities.
  • Our students have a great understanding of what they read, what they hear, they are good at critical and analytical thinking and they are active in solving problems,
  • and have an open mind towards their local and global environment.  

We provide a quality Jewish education in a caring environment for

  • Preschool /kindergarten
  • Elementary-
  • Middle-
  • High school
  • Music School
  • Child-centered, personalized evaluation methods
  • Special program for gifted and talented students
  • English Plus – program for bilingual children
  • Special program for developing logic skills
  • English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish languages
  • Special degrees in information technology, multimedia studies, film making and editing, sound recording, digital technologies
  • Projects in different fields
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Student Club
  • Various afternoon activities
  • Community events, excursions, camps

We welcome all who want to develop the academic, social, and artistic skills that are necessary to continue their studies and live a happy and successful Jewish life wherever they wish.

by Dr. Radut.