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Establishing the Lauder Javne School

Dramatically marking the return of a Jewish presence in Central Europe, the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School and Kindergarten opened in 1990, corresponding with a period of great changes in Hungarian society. The Lauder School is based in Budapest, Hungary, home to Central Europe’s largest Jewish Community, and offers Jewish education and challenging academic programs to close to 600 children every year. In 1996, The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation expanded the school by building a new facility on a five-acre site in Buda hills, which is our home today.


The expanded school complex contains classrooms, a synagogue, a sports center, a 12.000-book library, a computer center and rooms for the Music and Art School. In 1997, the Foundation acquired a beautiful historic building adjacent to The Lauder School, and uses it to house The Lauder Javne Jewish Community Kindergarten.


Graduates of the last 20 years have matured and grown into capable and responsible young adults, able to succeed in college, university and many different fields, ranging from science and engineering to the arts. Relationships between the alumni and the Lauder School further continue, as past students now enroll their own children in the Lauder Javne School’s Kindergarten and first grade.


Our Mission

The Lauder Javne School cares a great deal about its students, and sees school as the beginning of a path to a successful life.

  • We provide a school in which learning is an enjoyable process that comes naturally to all children,
  • We provide a learning environment that is emotionally and physically safe for all,
  • We imbue students with a high regard for personal effort, honesty, responsibility and achievement,
  • We facilitate the learning process by nurturing the skills necessary for students to engage in independent learning,
  • We give attention to the development of the diversity of personalities found among students,
  • We teach students to constructively and critically relate to the world around them, analyzing and reflecting about what they read, hear and see, and engaging in active problem-solving,
  • We encourage students to establish an open mind towards their local and global environment.


Special Programs

The school also provides specialized programs that include: Music School, Child-centered personalized learning, Special program for gifted and talented students, English Plus – program for bilingual children, Special program for developing logic and reasoning skills, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish languages, Special degrees in information technology, multimedia studies, film making and editing, sound recording, digital technologies, projects in different fields such as sports, art student club, various afternoon activities, community events, excursions, and summer camps.


We welcome all who want to develop the academic, social, and artistic skills that are necessary to continue their studies and live a happy and successful Jewish life wherever they wish.


Our Address is: H-1121 Budapest, Budakeszi út 48.

Telephone: 36-1-275 2240.

Fax: 36-1-275 2610.

E-mail: javne@lauder.hu 

by Dr. Radut.